Australian made Stainless steel cutters, Silicon Veiners and Moulds

Shipping & Returns

Shipping, We add shipping once we have packed your order, so we only charge the amount Australia Post charge us. We do not overcharge postage.

Paying buy Paypal or other. There is a Button to click after the credit card option (Paypal or Other), this will send your order through to us ( no charges or commitment) leave your paypal name and we will send you an invoice with shipping added, if you approve we will send you a paypal request.

Paying by credit card. Fill out the credit card details ( you are on a secure SSL page) proceed to the checkout and we will pack and send your order with the Australia Post cost added.( leave a message and we can let you know shipping cost first if you like)

Credit card payment is not taken at the time of placing your order, you can leave a message and we will answer your question.

If you are concerned about the shipping cost take the Paypal or Other button your order gets sent to us ( no commitment)  we will advise you of the shipping cost.