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Using Credit Cards

Credit Card Usage

We are able to process Visa Card and Master Card from you directly, however due to a high incidence of credit card fraud that is around, it is important for your safety and our safety that the following conditions are met.

The personal information that we require is no different to the information that you give to the white pages that is public, we need to check the public phone records to check that you exsist and we may ring your landline to ensure that you are the cardholder and that the goods will be shipped to that verified address. A landline phone number is required.

If you do not wish to provide this information then we will not processĀ  your card and you may use one of the below methods.

Other option 1:
If you do not wish to supply a landline phone number or wish to use an unlisted address,
you may use paypal. please inform us of your paypal email address and we will send you a request for payment.
Other option 2:
If you do not wish to supply a land line phone number and wish to use an unlisted address, you may direct deposit to our account, please advise us and we will send you the details

Thank you for your co operation and we apoligise for the inconvience for geniune cardholders

earlcraftncake reserve the right to refuse or not process any order or credit card or remove orders that are placed on this website for security reasons, for not following earlcraftncake's Terms and Conditions or for any other reason.