Australian made Stainless steel cutters, Silicon Veiners and Moulds

Frequently asked questions

Q. I Forgot my password!
A. When you go to the log on section there is a ' forgot your password ' text.
you then enter your email address and we will send you a computer generated, temporary password ( you can use this forever if you want). If you want to change this password to something easy to remember you only need to log on using your current email address and the new password we sent you, go to my account and enter your new password.

Q. What is the permanant cart you refer to?
A. This is an exiting feature of our site, once you have created an account and become a member when you are logged in you can put items in your cart and they remain there untill you procced to the checkout or delete them. Example: Monday night you log in and put a few things in your cart but can't complete the order for some reason and log out . Tuesday night you log in again and the items are still in your cart, you may then add or delete to the order untill you are satisfied, you can proceed to the checkout or log off.
Your order is only sent to us when you ckeckout. Remember you must be logged in for the permanent cart to be effective.

Q. What if I change my mind after my order is sent?
A. No Problem! you send us an email and we make the change.

Q. What about the freight?
A. We go through the order and make sure everything is in stock and then send you the invoice for the goods including the freight component, you then pay us with one of the methods available and when we receive the money your order is sent.

Q. How safe is my personal information?
A. We only collect your enough information to send you your order, your password is encrypted in our software and not available to us, your details are not passed on to anyone.

Q. What is the security about on your site?
A. We have a security cetificate with Godaddy. This ensures that when you send personal information across the internet your data is encrypted and nobody can intercept it.

Q. How can I pay you?
A. 1 - We prefer credit Card
    2 - You can send us a personal cheque made out to earlcraftncake and when it is cleared your order is sent.
    3- Paypal , we wil send you a request for payment

Q. Can you make me a cutter if I send you a pattern?
A. Sorry but it takes more time to make a die than make a cutter, we need to get a big order to justify it. You can always ask and we we have a look at the shape and take it from there.